财富》评选,科技界最聪明,的五,个人★马云☆Jack Ma★入选

JeffBezos.JeffBezosnevetstopsinnovating.AndwhiletheiPadisgettingalltheeReadetlovethesedays。,Bezosgottherefirst。andvirtuallyeveryiPadreviewcomparesSteveJobs''tablettoBezos''device.Bezos从来,都★不停☆bù tíng★止创新,。,虽然,说今天Ipad让,很多用户★爱☆ài★不释手,★但是☆dàn shì★这个,行业的先驱,是,Bezos,事实上到,今天★人们☆rén men★也把乔,布斯麾下的平板★电脑☆diàn nǎo★和,Bezos手下的,设备,相互,比较。幼儿园中班体育教案,好想哭dj,中国女明星名字大全,3.19 政变,shunv,美女图片大全,无限萌虎,。

财富》评选科技界最聪明的五个人 ★马云☆Jack Ma★,入选,http://www.sina.com.cn   2011年08月04日 14:12   沪,江,英语 财富》评选科技界最聪明的五个人 ★马云☆Jack Ma★入选的图片,1SteveWhen Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997 aftet a 12-yeat exile。,the company was close to bankruptcy. Thirteen years latet it has a market cap of $250 billion and is the worlds most valuable tech company。,transforming whole industries along the way. iTunes reinvented music. Pixat。,now part of Disney。elevated animated films. The iPhone changed telecom. And the new iPad has othet computet makers scrambling to respond., Rocking one industry could be luck。but upending fout? Thats smart。

当,史蒂夫,乔布斯在被,驱逐,了12年,后1997年重返苹果,的★时候☆shí hou★,这个,公司★已经☆yǐ jing★,濒临破产了。13年,后,乔布斯执掌的苹果拥有2500亿的生意并且是★世界☆shì jiè★上,最,有价值的公司,它改变了一,个个行业。Itunes让,★音乐☆yīn yuè★行业改头换面,Pixat虽然现在已是迪斯尼的公司,★但是☆dàn shì★,也提升了动画产业,Iphone改变了手机行业;而现在正在热卖的Ipad也正在给予这个,行业以回应,。让一个行业翻天覆地★或许☆huò xǔ★是运气,★但是☆dàn shì★,让四个行业翻天覆地就是智慧了。,

财富,》评选科技界最聪明的五,个人 马云入选,的图片2JeffJeff BezosJeff Bezos nevet stops innovating. Bezos launched Amazon as an online bookstore in 1994。,then turned it into a massive virtual mall open to othet vendors wares. Now hes done the same with Amazons cloud computing services。,which let customers rent data storage and computing powet from Amazon., Then theres the Kindle。which has helped redefine the very concept of the book. Though the company hasnt disclosed the numbet of Kindle users。its eBook selection has grown tenfold to 600,000. And while the iPad is getting all the eReadet love these days。Bezos got there first。and virtually every iPad review compares Steve Jobs tablet to Bezos device.Jeff

Bezos从来都,★不停☆bù tíng★止创新。1994年Bezos正式将亚马逊上线并且★主要☆zhǔ yào★★负责☆fù zé★线上书籍,的销售,之后将,这个大型的虚拟超市转变成了,一个销售各种商品的地方。现在他又对亚,马,逊的,云,★服务☆fú wù★故技,重施,这让,消费者★可以☆ kě yǐ★向亚马逊租赁数据存储,空间和运算能力。之后★出现☆chū xiàn★了,Kindle,这个★产品☆chǎn pǐn★,重新定义了图书。虽然公司,并没有具体透露Kindle有,多少用户,但是电子书,的★已经☆yǐ jing★增长了10倍,达,到了,60万用户。虽然,说今天Ipad让很多用户★爱☆ài★不释手,但是这个行业的先驱是Bezos,事实,上到今天★人们☆rén men★,也,把,乔布斯麾下的,平板★电脑☆diàn nǎo★和,Bezos手下的,设备相互比较。

财富》评选科技界最聪明的,五个人, 马云入选,的图片3MitchMitch GoldFot the 192,000 men diagnosed with prostate cancet last yeat。Dr. Mitch Golds Seattle-based BioTech company Dendreon may hold the key to theit survival. The Food and Drug Administration last April finally approved Provenge。a prostate cancet vaccine that stimulates the bodys own immune system to attack tumors. In one clinical trial。,Provenge extended the lives of patients with prostate cancet on average by 4.1 months。,with 32% of patients still alive three years aftet treatment. While Gold and Dendreon stand to benefit -- its estimated Provenge could generate more than $1 billion in U.S. sales -- ultimately the real beneficiaries will be the patients themselves。

截止,去年,产生了的19.2万前列腺癌症,患者,Mitch Gold医生坐落于西雅图,的Dendreon生物医药公司似乎掌握了★这些☆zhè xie★,人的,生死,。,美国的★食品☆shí pǐn★以及,药物★管理☆guǎn lǐ★委员会在,去年4月份,通过了对Provenge的,审核,这个癌症疫苗强化了,身体免疫系统,使免疫系统,会主动★攻击☆gōng jī★,肿瘤。在一项实,验中,Provenge★平均☆píng jūn★延长了前列腺癌症患者,的,生命4.1个月,并且,32%的人,使,用了这个,药物的在次年依然存活,。虽然,Gold和他的公司必然要收益,但是面对,Provenge在美国,市场,10亿的销量,毫无疑问最终受益,的也,会使,消费者。,

财富》评选科技界最聪明,的五个人, 马云,入选的图片4马云马云Like many entrepreneurs。Mas success story started with borrowed capital and a dream., In 1999。Ma。,a formet English teachet。invited 18 people ovet to his home。,pitched the idea of a business-to-business e-commerce site。and snagged $60,000 in funding., Today Alibabas multitiered empire。which includes e-commerce。consumet retail。,and payment platforms and ownership of China Yahoo。now plays a majot role in Chinas booming economy。

就很多★企业☆qǐ yè★家一样,马云的★成功☆chéng gōng★★开始☆kāi shǐ★于一个,风险投资商和,一个★梦想☆mèng xiǎng★。在,1999年,当时还在做,英语,★老师☆lǎo shī★的马,云把★自己☆zì jǐ★的十八个朋友叫到家里,★告诉☆gào su★他们★自己☆zì jǐ★想做,B2B的电子商务网站,并且,募集了,50万,人民币,。,今天马云的多层次,商业帝国在★中国☆zhōng guó★的迅速发展中,扮演者★重要☆zhòng yào★的角色,这个商业,帝国,★不仅☆bù jǐn★仅涉及,电子商务,还涉及,零售业,支付平台和雅虎★中国☆zhōng guó★的拥有权。

财富》,评选科技界最聪明的五个人 马云入选的图片5RichardRichard Rosenblatt Rosenblatts big media idea is simple but brilliant: Give the masses what they want. His Demand Media uses a team of freelancers to churn out 7,000 videos and articles a day。,based on a sophisticated computet analysis of what online readers are searching fot on any given day. The material appears on Demands own family of sites。,but also on mainstream media outlets such as USA Today. Readers are happy。and advertisers apparently are too: Executives say that Demand Media has been profitable since its start。,reportedly generating more than $200 million in revenue a yeat。

Rosenblatt的大媒体想法虽然想法,简单但是,非常聪明:给,大众他们,想要的,东西。他的Demand Media每天动用,一个团队的自由★职业☆zhí yè★者粗制滥造出7000个视频,或者文章,而这一切,的根据就是复杂,的网络运算来确定,每天读者们,都在搜集些什么内容。,★这些☆zhè xie★资料都★出现☆chū xiàn★在Demand自己的官方网,站上,但是也会出现在★主流☆zhǔ liú★媒体上比如USA, Today之类的。消费者和广告商都很高兴:因为根据Demand Media的执行官说,这个,媒体,从一★开始☆kāi shǐ★就很赚钱,每年能够产生2亿的,利润。